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When we hear the word "trauma," Big T traumas usually come to mind:

War, near-death experiences, experiencing or witnessing physical violence. 

Trauma is much more than just Big T traumas.
Trauma is anything that results in life-threatening, physical, or emotional harm.

Acute trauma could range from car accidents or medical emergencies to the Big T traumas just mentioned.

Chronic trauma from ongoing incidents like medical issues and disabilities or domestic violence, bullying, or emotional abuse and  even things that didn't happen, like neglect; and

Complex trauma - exposure to multiple acute and chronic traumas plus their unique and overlapping symptoms are also traumatic. 
People who experience chronic and complex trauma might think "others have it worse" compared to Big T traumas and minimize their experiences of feeling overwhelmed and scared, betrayed by a loved one, or other painful experiences that have left lasting scars and protective patterns when activated by similar experiences in the present.

Living with unprocessed trauma looks like becoming easily anxious, wanting to isolate from others, and even just finding it hard to relax and engage in healthy self-care (like tending to daily tasks and needs with overall neutral/positive thoughts and feelings toward life.)
Unprocessed trauma memories (big and small) live in the survival part of our brain- the part that tells us to prepare to run or fight (or freeze, or flock, or fawn- ANYTHING it takes to survive) when activated. 
Luckily, our brain is changeable, and EMDR is an effective therapy that helps rewire trauma memories to become safely stored in the past and no longer reactivated in the present. Focused sets of eye movements can lessen the sympathetic arousal connected with this fear, reducing anxiety and, in addition, a realization of additional associations and information, which can help reconcile the conflict. It increases the balance of emotion and logic. 

If you've read this far...
I'm Emily Moore
, MS, LPC, NCC. (Right now) I am a virtual therapist offering individual counseling in hourly and intensive formats. I graduated with a BS in psychology from UGA in 2011, and in 2017, I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with an MS in clinical mental health counseling. Since then, I have worked in high-level care units, nonprofit agencies, and private practice, focusing on trauma and anxiety.
I currently hold a certification in EMDR therapy, focusing on somatic and attachment issues. My training allows me to look beyond trauma and understand how it affects one's emotional and physical relationships with oneself and others. I also integrate ongoing training, studies, and consultations in many different evidence-based models to help you safely access your most authentic self and needs.

I help clients achieve their goals by clarifying their actual, achievable goals, identifying and working through roadblocks to achieving goals and exploring needs to maintain goals.

Check out my therapy services page and reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see whether we're a good fit. I would love to hear from you!


Emily Moore, MS, LPC, NCC

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Individual & EMDR


'Change is the only constant in life.' 


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EMDR Intensives

Give yourself a chance to make lasting change.




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I'm 100% virtual at this time, due to COVID-19, and am seeing clients on the HIPAA-secure video platform, Simple Practice. 

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